Skype Username: KimGrimmie
Short Sexy Description:

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Long Business Description:

Hi Lovelies, My name is Kim Grimmie. I’m an introvert, “Goth Chick” that enjoys video games, having fun with some of my friends, cooking, laughing & enjoying my life. I love to eat, Completely a big “Food Fetish” person. Love to get along with everyone I come across, especially as a Gothic introverted chick, I can chat with you for hours to come and can become a close best friend within a week. A very funny & sweet person, and can be a little enthusiastic when I get excited or having fun with friends or people I am getting to know. If you come to check me out on my profile I would love to chat with you in my “Cam Room” when you get a chance and introduce yourself. Hope to see you there.

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