Master NLP life coach. Getting to know all of you and You me.
Skype Username: shanalanga
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NLP life coach, master practitioner, getting 2knowall ofu

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were not really in this for the money. Shana is very horny, a whore in the bedroom, lad in the day.
she will on the side look at a mans cock online and possibly ask to see but needs to be really coaxed.
Doesnt cheat or wear short skirts, well educated Life coach. Has her masters degree. we ahev toyed with the idea of using NLP therapy in a basic instinct manner, slowly undresses and slide of hand while she gets to know you on a personal level and discusses issues which will help in your day to day excelling in business, limiting beliefs with a hot NLP life coach practitioner truly intelligent using masturbation as an anchoring state. Looking at her pics in a relaxed state in the bath, opening legs, silent gentle cumming from her while she talks you through gentle superficial issues. We would like to test trial this as therapy naked, deep talsk and understanding of who you are and what drives you with close, not raunchy looks at her. Holding back on orgasms are are applauded and prolonging the state of lengthily cums till eventually you make a break through and are rewarded.

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