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Satin panty private skype shows

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If your here must have a panty fetish. I'm Ally been selling my worn panties since 2010 and loving it!!
Everything you see here are worn by me packaged by me and then mailed to your door step.
Little bit about me and my love for panties.. It all stated when I was dating my now hubby he would always ask me to wear a pair of pants that had a hole in the front pocket so he could feel my panties when we were in the hallway in high school. He loved rubbing my pussy when I wore a gray satin pair of panties!! Years pasted by as a married couple he was always rubbing my panties at night or when I wore them under my dress etc. He has always loved the look and feel or the VS second skins unfortunately they discontinued them and he stated looking for them on online and stumbled on a site were ladies sold their panties.. Cut to the chase 10 years later 100's of panties sold and I still love sending my panties to true panty lovers!! Oh, since I started this our sex life has be out of this world.. Hubby loves taking all the pictures and hearing from everyone how my painties gave them such a great orgasm!!!

Ally : )

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